Our daily and weekly price charts are updated every weekend, except for some interest rate charts that are updated Monday afternoon. Our monthly prices charts are usually updated within a day of month-end. Our monthly and quarterly charts of economic data are updated when new data is released. These charts are usually updated within hours of the release of the data. We also send a broadcast email to alert subscribers that NEW or updated charts have been added to the site.

We do not have a specific schedule for adding charts to our collection. Procuring and cleaning data makes it impossible to project when additional charts will be added. During our first year of operation, we added over 1,800 charts to our site. We feel we have one of the largest collections (currently over 5,000) of long-term charts available on the Internet.

In a single word, yes. All we ask is that you leave the copyright on each chart used.

The answer is: send us an email with your request. Depending on the amount of time required to fulfill your needs, we may or may not have to charge a fee.

We draw upon our many years of investment experience to draw charts that “tell a story” or serve as a handy reference tool. We also provide as much history as possible since we believe that current history often “rhymes” with the past. Our subscribers have also offered many suggestions as to what they would like to see, and this has resulted in the addition or refinement of charts.

We have numerous chart formats that we use. Each was designed to best display the data used either for time frame or type of underlying data. A bar chart is a bar chart, but displaying it on a business cycle time scale can give it different meaning. Another example is the use of inflation or currency-adjusted prices. Our goal is to have subscribers look at a chart and recognize it as a chart from The Chart Store without needing to look at the copyright.

We want our charts to be user-friendly and to serve as a GREAT reference source. Of all the feedback we have received from subscribers, the item that gets mentioned the most is having dates and values on our price charts.

We are of the opinion that our subscribers do not want just another screen-based service. By providing our charts in .pdf format, subscribers can view, download and/or print charts at their convenience. They can be used to build a library of charts that are readily accessible for reference or research purposes, used for presentations or used for publications such as newsletters or correspondence with clients.

In a single word, no. We do offer a nice selection of sample charts that reflect the types of charts and/or statistical summaries that are found on the site.

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Agreements with data vendors preclude us from re-offering data. Where data is in the public domain, we are willing to share links with subscribers as to where data can be found.

We make every effort to find several sources for our historical data. We then compare each value from the various sources to arrive at the most likely value for each date. Our experience has taught us that there is no such thing as a perfect database. We are comfortable in saying our data comes close.

Some chart packages that are drawn from “public domain” data include statistical summaries. Examples of such include many of the chart packages under our Economic section, like: money supply, unemployment insurance claims, the employment situation or GDP. We also include summary statistics for our rate of return charts. We do this because the reported number is often “in the news,” such as, the unemployment rate dropped to 5.6% or the S&P 500 is up 22.5% over the last 12 months.

Following are some of the actual, unedited comments we have received:

  • As a recent subscriber, I must admit that I find your service quite useful, and genuinely wish that I had known of you earlier.
  • Your information is "one-stop-shopping" for anyone seriously interested in understanding what will happen next based on the past. Using Elliott Wave, Fibonacci and Gann's methods for time and price, I have been able to accurately anticipate and forecast the 2003 -2004 run in the metals and currency markets. Your charts are the most amazing resource for anyone who has a financial interest in the markets.
  • This is a great service.  We have looked all over to find one place for Macro market charts to help us know the primary trends.
  • I have been looking for 100-year charts for real interest rate, bond, gold and silver. I am so glad that I found your site. Please keep up the great work.
  • Amazing effort. You just keep getting better.
  • Your site is excellent! I am glad that I stumbled on to it. Keep up the good work!!
  • Thanks for the increased number of charts... .very helpful....
  • Holy cow! Your site is unbelievable. I truly hope you are successful, because this is a GREAT service.
  • Thanks for the regular updates...I do enjoy them very much!
  • As a recent subscriber to your service, I find the charts invaluable and really your service really saves me a lot of time constructing my own.

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