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The Chart Store is home to over 5,000 financial charts and the Weekly Chart Blog.

We have one of the largest collections of long-term historical financial charts to be found on the Internet.
Our library of more than 5,000 financial charts offers institutional and retail investors, newsletter writers, online and newspaper editors, educators and students a unique perspective of markets and economic data.

Our charts provide a compelling, concise view of the data, are easily downloadable in the popular PDF format, and can be exported to other programs for use in newsletters and/or presentations.
History may not repeat, but it often rhymes!

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It is one of the most useful sources of market information. If I need to know where interest rates, the stock market, currencies, commodities were 100 years ago: Griess’ thechartstore.com historical charts has it all.

You will learn far more from the Chartstore than from Fed officials….

Marc Faber - Gloom Boom Doom

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One of the best financial charting websites around......weekend blog is a must read!

Jim Bianco - Bianco Research

There’s often a lot of truth in the old saw that a picture is worth a thousand words — and in the case of The Chart Store, Ron Griess’ thoughtfully constructed online treasure chest of market and economic charts, spanning the length and breadth of the financial universe, that’s true in spades.  Ron’s weekly chart blog for subscribers is a beacon of insight amid the incessant onslaught of economic and market data.

Kate Welling - Welling on Wall Street

The Chart Store delivers easy and unparalleled access to current and historical economic and financial information. Extraordinary content at an extremely affordable price!

Bob Dieli - Nospinforecast.com

I have utilized “The Chart Store” for years and find it an invaluable tool for my business. The weekly chart blog is on my must read list. 

Phillip Wetzel - WWK Wealth Advisors

For some 30 years I've known Ron to be a dedicated student of the markets.  This shows up each week in his blog.  The Chart Store collection of historical charts is a virtual library of information.

Bob Hoye - Chief Investment Strategist at Institutional Advisors