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History wants
to tell you a

A picture is worth a thousand words

The Chart Store is home to over 5,000 charts
and the Weekly Chart Blog

We have one of the largest collections of long-term historical charts to be found on the Internet.  Our library of more than 5,000 charts offers institutional and retail investors, newspaper editors and newsletter writers, educators and students a unique perspective of markets and economic data.  History may not repeat, but it often rhymes.

Our charts have consistent formatting, are easily downloadable in the popular .pdf format, and with the Adobe Acrobat snapshot tool, can be
exported to other programs
for use in newsletters and/or presentations.

Subscribers have access to over 5,000 charts and the Weekly Chart Blog.
To view samples including recent examples of our Weekly Chart Blog,
where we help interpret current charts click here.

We currently offer two annual subscriptions for individual/single users:

  • Our regular subscription (charts only) is priced at $129.
  • Our premium subscription (charts plus the Weekly Chart Blog)
    is priced at only $239.
  • For more details or to subscribe now, click here.

We also offer subscriptions for corporate/multi-user accounts.

Our charts are placed into five major categories and a listing of each is available below.

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What our subscribers are saying:

Great Blog this week.  The Fed Model valuation charts are very informative.  R.B. - IN

Just an e-mail to let you know how much I enjoy your service. Charts are great, updated when data comes out. Always on time. I love looking and using them as refrence point. Thanks.  N.P. - ON

Really good stuff that I can use with clients.  Great work!  M.J. - TX

I find the charts invaluable and really your service really saves me a lot of time constructing my own.  J.R. - CA

I must admit that I find your service quite useful, and genuinely wish that I had known of you earlier.  K.M. - TX

This is a great service.  J.B. - OH

I have been looking for 100-year charts for real interest rate, bond, gold and silver.  I am so glad that I found your site. Please keep up the great work  L.C. - Hong Kong

Your site is excellent! Keep up the good work!!  B.B. - TX

Your site is unbelievable.....this is a GREAT service.  L.H. - SC

Thanks for the regular updates...I do enjoy them very much!  S.P. - FL

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